Monday, March 30, 2009

70's fabrics

   I thought I'd share some of the fabrics my mom gave me recently when she found out I'd bought a sewing machine. They're pretty fabulous.
   The birds would work well with Girlonthrocks' home decor color palette. I fould a 70's era McCalls pattern for tank tops at the East Bay Depot, and I think I might try it with the yellow seersucker first.
   The safari print is my favorite, but I have sooo little of it. I'm going to have to think of something special to do with it.

Finally, my mom also turned up these stuffed animal patterns that are pretty damn cute. There's also a yellow duck. I'm in the process of scanning them to I can make them into iron-ons in the future. hmmmm. Perhaps I should do that with the safari print too.


karrie said...

If you scan them, you can also get them printed up at

Unknown said...

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