Monday, September 4, 2006

Crafty glass tray

When our cute ikea clock broke I was very sad. Taking it apart was pretty interesting and I was able to see how the clock was supposed to work. But I couldn't see why it wasn't, in fact, working that way. So then I had all these parts lying around and started to think about what else I could do with them. I decided they might make a nice little glass tray and the clock lives on!

First I glued the glass face into the metal rim. It was previously held in place by these plastic wedge thingys that broke off when I was taking it apart. Then I put on the cute little wired ribbon that is currently held in place only by the little lip on the top of the tray. Perhaps I will have to permanently attach it if it keeps falling off. The final touch was three little no skid pads to keep the glass from scratching. (Ingo's tip: three points defines a plane = no wobbling)

I'm a little disappointed by how ugly the glue is (see third picture), but oh well. I bought the one that said it was best for glueing together fabric and metal, because I thought I was going to glue the ribbon. If I had gotten the one that said it was best for glass on metal, maybe it wouldn't be so visible. Nonetheless, I think its pretty cute and was really darn easy to put together. I might actually start looking for broken clocks.