Sunday, June 17, 2007

East Bay Depot made me do it.

   So the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland has a gazillion little rectangles of necktie silk that they are selling for super-cheap. They are so nice and come in a ton of different patterns, I really had to be strict with myself about buying too much. I settled for three packages of eight rolls of ten rectangles for a total of 240 rectangles for $12. So what am I going to do with 240 rectangles of necktie silk??
   Well the first thing I needed to do was get a sewing machine. I asked my Aunt if she had one I could borrow and she pulled out this cute Singer Featherweight.

   I can't believe I told Abby it was about the same size as her's; when I got home it looked sooo tiny!

   So I made a little drawstring bag out of one rectangle (only 239 to go!)

   And today I made a tote bag out of two dishcloth using a pattern I found on What's that gonna be?. The only difference is that I joined the inner and outer dishcloths by sewing the gussets together instead of using fusing; and its still completely reversible. I like that the dishcloths are pre-hemmed, so you get to the fun sewing part right away. By contrast, the silk drawstring bag is really fiddly and probably took longer to sew than the tote bag.


abmatic said...

yay sewing! the machine is so pretty (and tiny). You are very lucky!

karrie said...

Something that cool can only be from one Auntie...

Tote bag looks great. Can't wait to see it when I am at your apartment!

rosebrier said...

OMG Ingrid posted something. :)
Isn't the new depot so much better than the last one? Some much more open and easier to find things. Lovely little bags.
BTW I think you live closer to my job than I do now. :)